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Our story

LOLA was born in the broom cupboard of a tiny Soho art gallery, above an adult magazine shop, in May 2007. Strange place to start a company we know, but hey you gotta start somewhere!

Lindsay first waitress at LOLA

Our first waitress Lindsay

Our first 20 staff were a lovely bunch from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. They were the original Team LOLA and they started working a few small parties at our gallery.

Pretty soon we were working at art galleries and fashion shows all over London. Our big break came when our great friends at the TATE Galleries gave us a chance. Things took off from there…

turner prize at TATE Britain

Turner Prize 2008 at TATE Britain

LOLA grew quickly and before we knew it, we unexpectedly won an award! It was called the International Special Event Society Best Newcomer to the Industry 2008. Sounds important doesn’t it!

Since then we’ve gone on to win lots more awards including ‘Top 50 Companies to Work for in the Industry’, ‘Staffing Supplier of the Year’, ‘Most Prestigious Event Supplier’ and many others…

Jo collects Most Prestigious Event Supplier Award 2015

Most Prestigious Event Supplier Award 2015

By the beginning of 2009 we had established teams of staff across the UK. Working in Birmingham for Virgin one day to Cardiff for Coca Cola the next was pretty cool. We expanded our offering to ensure we could supply almost every type of person you might need in events and hospitality. Around this time we also won the first of multiple hotel and stadium contracts which now include the likes of the Hilton & Marriott groups, Wembley stadium and KIA Oval.

LOLA Staff for Virgin Media

LOLA Staff for Virgin Media

At the beginning of 2009 we decided we needed a big brother so we approached The Concerto Group. It was kind of like going on Dragons Den but instead of a 5 minute pitch ours took 9 months! Finally in September 2009 we did a deal and became a proud part of the UK’s leading event services business. We hit the big time!

Most importantly for us, joining Concerto meant we had the support to get really good at all the important things like staff selection, training, management and of course, keeping our clients smiling.

Concerto conference 2012

Concerto conference 2012

In the summer of 2014 we were very excited that our founders were in the position to reacquire the company in full. We left the Concerto Group after 5 amazing years having reached a deal that proved highly successful for all of us. Although we’re no longer a Concerto company, we’re still close friends and remain one of their primary suppliers today.

At LOLA we think work should first and foremost be fun, and that is the principle that guides most of what we do. If you’re interested in our other core values you can find them here. We also have some exciting news coming soon on the technology front as we continue to lead the industry in the development of management software (more on that soon).

In May 2016 we turned 9 and these days we’re sending out thousands of staff to jobs all over the UK and Europe with over 2000 happy clients, more than 128,000 jobs and counting…